BACB ACE Ethics Continuing Education Credit Course: Towards a More Ethical and Developmental Approach to Behavior Analytic Therapy with Autistic Children by Amy Bodkin, EdS

ABA CEU Ethics Course by Amy Bodkin, EdS

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Charlotte Mason, an 18th century educational philosopher, once said, “A child is a person in whom all possibilities are present – present now at this very moment – not to be educed after many years and efforts manifold on the part of the educator.” If we truly believe a child is a person and thus due all the respect due a person, it must change our approach not just to education but also to therapy.

Amy Bodkin is an Autistic Adult, School Psychologist, and Special Needs Home Educator. Join her in this course where she will present how we can use what is known about child development to inform a more ethical approach to behavior analytic therapy for autistic individuals. Such an approach will help therapists meet each student where they are at and create a true partnership to encourage balanced growth in the child’s development.

This course will provide up to 12 CEU Credits including 3 Ethics CEUs.

Core Principles of BCBA Ethics:

  1. Benefits Others
  2. Treat Others with Compassion, Dignity and Respect
  3. Behavior with Integrity
  4. Ensure their Competence

BACB Ethical Codes that are addressed in this course are:

  • 2.01 – Providing Effective Treatment
  • 2.10 – Collaborating with Colleagues
  • 2.12 – Considering Medical Needs
  • 2.17 – Collecting & Using Data
  • 2.18 – Continual Evaluation of the Behavior-Change Intervention
  • 2.19 – Addressing Conditions Interfering with Service Delivery
  • 3.01 – Responsibility to Client
  • 3.02 – Identifying Stakeholders
  • 3.06 – Consulting with Other Providers
  • 3.09 – Communicating with Stakeholders about Third-Party Contracted Services

Course Available Soon!
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